About me

Hi! My name is Zoltan Balogh and I’m interested in digital photography since 2008. I would like to stress out the word DIGITAL because as you can see in the picture below I fell in love with photography much earlier. :)

Me in my early years…

A lot of people are trying to describe their photography style but I would not like to join them. I’m interested in long exposure night time photography and aviation or even photographing people outdoors with studio strobes. I also photograph weddings. I think it is important to find the perfect settings in a photograph in lighting and also in composition. I like mixing studio strobes with ambient light. I’m continously renewing my skills getting familiar with new concepts and technics which are inspiring me and giving me new creative ideas.

I would like to make memorable moments in my pictures from the smallest things to te huge ones from the world of macro to the world of stellar objects.